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XiaProjects is the result of 15 years of research and innovations. The team is specialized on consulting, development and integration, developing solutions on mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs. We follow our clients through the entire process of ri-elaboration of business processes by offering cutting-edge technologies designed to anticipate market demands. Our strong point is the department of research and development about new technologies, continuously renewing our portfolio of technology solutions.

Latest Technology

Support for every Mobile Platform: Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Blackberry, Embedded OS and Homebrew Hardware.


15 Year of Consumer Mobile Applications. Over 5 years experience on tailor made Mobile Enterprise Customers Solutions.

Big Data

Share Gamification Goals via Social Communities and Big Data Environment.

Success Cases

Ratio of success mobile apps is One per Year: achieved the 3rd place on Apple Store Paid Category.

Sample Mobile Applications

Designed for daily usage. Feel free to download from Mobile Store. Experience spreads on all Store Categories, direct access to store enables you to have a complete list.

Multimedia Song Mixer

TDJ: Tango DJ mixes your tango's songs to create a Milonga with just your iPad

Weather Forecasting

Meteo360 is the 3D Augmented Reality Weather Forecasting App

TV Streaming

Live Streaming your Board Canvas to Airplay or Google TV

That's All Folks

Quotes and Proverbs available everytime, everiwhere with the Apple Watch Extension

Fitness Wellness

Wake up rested using our Wellness Mobile App Suite

Color Controll

Designer and Painter Companion Retrieve The Right Matching Color from The Camera

  • Social Connected

    Every Mobile App is integrated with Common Social Community: your friends will be so jelous about your achievements.

  • Culture Geolocation

    User Centric Design: Local culture Oriented. Most of the important Languages are supported!

  • User Feedback

    You can report your feedback using the out of the box reporting feature.

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Please leave a message using our Feedback Reporting Tool inside The Installed Mobile App.